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Real Estate Records (SRA) & Documents
Each Circuit Court Clerk's Office in Virginia holds only those records pertaining to actions or filings in the jurisdiction of that Circuit Court. For example, only those marriage licenses issued in Roanoke County are recorded in Roanoke County. Particularly when researching land, estate and will records, you may find that the trail of records flows from one locality to another. The staff of this office will be happy to provide you with information on how to contact other Offices of Clerks of Circuit Court in Virginia.

Real Estate Records Online (SRA)
The Roanoke County Circuit Court Clerk's office now has Real Estate Records online, along with other real estate related documents, via Secure Remote Access (SRA) provided by Virginia's Judicial System Web-enabled "Records Management System".

The Information that is available to you:

Deeds & Land Records Index from July 1, 1968 to current

Please note: Not all records with a record date prior to November 16 2001 will have images available at this time.

Survey Plats: 1838 to present

Marriage Licenses: Index & Images 05/21/1838 to current

Wills and Fiduciaries: Index 1/3/1994 to current. Images 10/26/2001 to current

Judgments: Index & Images 9/22/1983 to current

Financing Statements: Index 7/3/1989 to current. Images 11/28/2001 to current

General Miscellaneous: Index 8/03/1877 to current. Images 11/26/2001 to current

To access these records online via "SRA", you must submit a SRA Application SRA Agreement for approval by the Clerk along with the appropriate fee of $50.00 per month with a minimum 3 month subscription for $150.00. Upon approval of your application, our office will set up a log-in and password for your use. The log-in and password will automatically terminate on the expiration date. You may contact us for more information at 540-387-6211.

Jill Camilletti
Deputy Clerk