Commercial Corridor Matching Grant Program

Notice: As of July 1, 2019 the CCMG Program has been defunded.


Encourage, through a matching grant program, improvements above and beyond current building and zoning requirements to business properties for beautification and economic redevelopment of highway entrance corridors in Roanoke County. Potential improvements can include (but are not limited to):

Building TypeDescription
Facade RenovationCovered Entrances, Multiple Plane Roofs, New Veneers, Columns and Awnings
LandscapingIn Parking Lots, Around Driveways, Perimeter Plantings, at the Base of Signs, at Building Entrances and to Screen Storage
 LightingLight Poles shorter than 25 feet
Lighting for Signs, Landscaping, Buildings, Pathways, Parking
 ParkingShared Parking Lots, Rear Parking and Shared Driveways
SignageMonument, Freestanding, Shared Signs
Sign Board Portions and Sign Bases of Stone or Brick
 Site AccessoriesWooden Fences, Banisters, Rails, Benches, Brick Walls and Retaining Walls

Kroger Sign BeforeKroger Sign After

Funding Levels

Matching Program50% of total project cost up to $15,000* per property
Maximum Grant for Roanoke County$15,000*
Minimum Grant Amount$500

* Additional funds up to a total of $20,000 may be requested from the Board of Supervisors

Eligible Applicants

Property and business owners of all properties (excluding residential) in the following areas are eligible:

Hollins Williamson Road Corridor Route 11/460 West Corridor

The property owner must pay Roanoke County real estate taxes on the subject property. Business owners, if tenants, must submit the Owner's Consent Form completed by the property owner stating that the tenant has permission to initiate the proposed project.

Proposed improvements must meet the requirements of the applicable design guidelines for each area:


The Commercial Corridor Matching Grant Program Application Package can be found here: Commercial Corridor Matching Grant Program Application Package.

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