Recycling Trailer Etiquette Tips

Picture of Material Outside of TrailerEtiquette Tips for Utilizing the Roanoke County Recycling Drop-Off Trailers

Participation in the recycling drop-off trailer program in Roanoke County has been steadily increasing. With the increase, we are experiencing growing pains as well. The following etiquette tips will help us and our citizens receive the most benefit from the recycling program.

  • Please break down any boxes before placing them in the containers. Formed boxes take up a lot of room and fill the containers quickly, wasting usable space.
  • We currently accept plastics Number 1 and Number 2 and all types of cans (aluminum, steel, and tin). New signs are currently being made for the trailers to indicate this change.
  • Please do not place items where food residue cannot be removed, such as pizza boxes, Styrofoam containers, or aluminum foil (with food embedded on it), in the containers. Rinsing other food container items, while not required, helps maintain the overall cleanliness of the area and helps the person who sorts through the recyclables at the facility. Please do not place regular trash in or around the containers.
  • If the recycling trailer that you normally use is full, please do not place items on the ground outside of the trailer. Loose material will blow around the site into neighborhoods and/or school grounds, which makes the neighborhood residents and school personnel upset and unwilling to allow the containers to remain for the community's use. Also, large amounts of recycling material and/or trash outside the containers limits the driver's ability to empty all of the containers assigned to that collection day as he/she spends a large amount of time cleaning up the mess.
  • If the recycling trailer is full or not at its usual site, please visit another recycling trailer. If the container is not at the usual site, it is usually being emptied and will return shortly (especially during the week). The collection schedule for each trailer is listed under the recycling trailer list located on the Recycling Page.
  • The main item to remember is that the trailers are located in neighborhoods and/or schools to make them as accessible as possible. Please use the trailers properly so that the neighborhood residents and/or school personnel will not request that the trailers be removed due to excessive littering and trash dumping.

We are encouraged by the utilization rate of the trailers and hope to increase the drop-off sites as our budget allows. We need your help to show prospective neighborhood sites that trailers are a worthwhile project for the community as a whole and not a nuisance.