Board of Supervisors

Official Roanoke County SealThe Board of Supervisors will hold its regular meeting on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, at 3:00 p.m.

Because of the present state of emergency, and until further notice, members of the public are urged not to attend Board meetings in person. All are encouraged to view and participate in meetings through electronic means. Meetings may be viewed live on RVTV, or on the County’s website through our Watch Board Meetings Online page

For those individuals who desire to attend meetings in person, please be advised that seating modifications and limits have been established in order to facilitate social distancing; attendees who are not of the same household must sit six feet apart.  Attendance will be limited to 25 individuals.

For further information regarding the County’s operations in response to the Coronavirus, please refer to the County’s website.

The Board of Supervisors sets policies that govern Roanoke County and provides high-quality delivery of services at reasonable costs to the citizens of Roanoke County.


The Roanoke County Board of Supervisors is comprised of five board members who serve four-year terms. Each year the Board elects one member as Chairman and another member as Vice Chairman. The County operates under the County Administrator form of government.

Magisterial Districts

The board is an elected body of five members representing magisterial districts of approximately 18,000 citizens each. The magisterial districts are

  • Catawba District, 
  • Cave Spring District, 
  • Hollins District, 
  • Vinton District, 
  • Windsor Hills District.

The Board of Supervisors enacts ordinances, establishes policies, sets the tax rates, and approves the budget in accordance with the desires of the residents and applicable state and federal laws.

The Board of Supervisors is not only a governing body, it’s members are also an active part of our community. The Board acknowledges the accomplishments of citizens and businesses in a variety of ways, from recognitions at regular Board meetings, to attending ribbon cutting events across the County.