Economic Opportunity

A future land use area that would guide a mix of commercial, tourist-related and limited industrial uses related specifically to destination resort facilities. Economic Opportunity areas are applied to lands owned or leased by the Virginia Recreational Facilities Authority or Virginia Living Histories, Inc, and adjacent lands that could potentially be expansion areas for the facilities. The designation discourages uses that may conflict with or detract from the resort activities.

Land Use Types

  • Existing Land Use and Zoning - For lands designated Economic Opportunity that are outside the resort property, uses permitted in the existing zoning districts are encouraged until such time that rezoning to Explore Park zoning district is sought. Rezoning to other zoning districts should be carefully examined for compatibility with the resort activities.
  • Family Destination Resort - Various agricultural, civic, office, commercial, and limited industrial uses as defined in the Explore Park zoning district, and associated with the operation of resort facilities. A high degree of architectural design and creative site design is encouraged.

Land Use Determinants

  • Access - Locations served by the Blue Ridge Parkway/Roanoke River Parkway for visitor access, and Rutrough Road and surrounding connecting public streets for public safety and delivery service access.
  • Existing Land Use Pattern - Locations where Explore Park development has occurred or is planned.
  • Existing Zoning - Locations where Explore Park zoning exists.
  • Expansion Areas - Locations where the Explore Park zoning could potentially expand.
  • Topography - Locations that can be developed in an environmentally sensitive manner and that are outside of the designated floodplain.
  • Urban Services - Locations where public water and sanitary sewer exist or are planned.