Summer Reading

The library is a hot spot for teens in the summer to hang out, read, and volunteer. The Teen Summer Reading Program provides incentives to read over the summer and programs to participate in to help prevent summer slide.

In order to complete the “mission” of the Teen Summer Reading Program this year, teens attend programs, visit any library planet, and read to earn hours.

Level 1: 10 hours // COMPLETE! Prize + ticket

Level 2: 20 hours // Ticket

Level 3: 30 hours // Prize + Ticket

Level 4: 40 hours // Ticket

Level 5: 50 hours // Prize + Ticket

Levels & Beyond: 50+ hours // Ticket for Every 10 Hours

Tickets earned go toward a prize drawing at the end of the summer!

The different prize baskets that teens can choose to put their tickets in:

  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Reading/Writing