Collision Reporting Center

Roanoke Collision Reporting Center

The Collision Reporting Center is a collaboration between the Roanoke County Police Department, Roanoke City Police Department, and Accident Support Services International LTD. The Collision Reporting Center was established through a unique partnership involving law enforcement, the insurance industry, and private enterprise.  This saves the police time and allows them to reallocate their resources to higher priority needs in the community. The centers are funded completely by the Insurance Industry so there is no direct cost to the police or the public. The Collision Reporting Center (CRC) offers a warm safe place to those involved in a crash to inform the police and the insurer of the collision in a relaxed, calming environment.  It has been in operation since 2016.

What do I do if I am involved in a crash?

  • Contact 911.
  • If there are no injuries and the vehicles are drivable, please move to a safe location out of the roadway.
  • If there are no injuries requiring treatment away from the crash, there are no government vehicles involved, or criminal charges (examples include DUI or drug charges, stolen vehicles, or assault), the crash will be referred to the CRC.
  • If the officer or 911 dispatcher refers the crash to the CRC, all parties will go in person to the CRC within 48 hours of the crash.
  • Individuals referred to the CRC should also take with them the following information:
    • Valid Driver’s License for the driver of the vehicle
    • Current Vehicle Registration for the vehicle involved
    • Current Vehicle Insurance information for the vehicle involved
    • CRC flyer provided by the officer
    • Any summons issued from the crash
  • Once at the CRC, the staff listen to all parties involved in the crash and complete the crash report.
  • If desired, the CRC staff will assist drivers in contacting their insurance company to begin filing a claim, and help with locating a facility to repair your vehicle.

Roanoke Collision Center
631 Abney Rd NW, Roanoke, Virginia 24012