HappyLight Therapy Light


Available for checkout at all RCPL locations, HappyLight Therapy Lights. Click here to place one on hold.

Sunlight is essential for a healthy lifestyle. A therapy light brings daylight indoors by emitting a bright white, full spectrum light that safely mimics sunlight (and without the UV-rays).

When using your light, position it as close as 6-inches from you, but greater distances may be more comfortable.

Do not stare directly at the light, but the light must reach your eyes.

Therapy Lights can help with winter blues, light deprivation, and Circadian rhythm disruption.

RCPL's therapy lights are available for 14-day checkout. Please return to the library you pick yours up at any RCPL location. Please do not place in material dropboxes. 

Read the manual here and give us a call at 540-777-8782 with any questions.