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Roanoke County is actively working to improve broadband connectivity throughout the community, as part of the “Connect Roanoke County to the World” Strategic Initiative outlined in the County’s 2016 Community Strategic Plan

Roanoke County’s public and private investments in rural broadband include:

Investments in Rural Broadband*
VATI Grant Funding
Roanoke County Appropriations and In-Kind Services
Vendor Contributions
* Total Investments as of December 13, 2021.

These investments will help provide high-speed Internet access to approximately 404 residents and 26 businesses across the County with possibilities for future expansion. While it may not seem like it, your broadband project has been “in work” for a while now. The "unseen" parts of these projects are the most time-consuming. Planning a network expansion, the equipment needed to support it, and where that equipment will be placed is no small task. Many times, there is a need to obtain approvals for property access and pole attachments. This is all critical to ensure that the services promised will be delivered to your expectations.

See the tabs below for more information on each step of Roanoke County's Broadband Initiative, and view the Broadband Initiative Map at the bottom of the page. 

  1. Broadband Availability Study
  2. Completed Projects
  3. Current Projects
  4. Future Projects 
  5. Internet  Providers

Broadband Availability StudyBroadband Computer

In 2019, Roanoke County began its Broadband Availability Study to help “Connect Roanoke County to the World,” to improve communications and data technology in both the business sector and residential settings.

Roanoke County launched its High-Speed Internet Survey with the goal of identifying areas that are currently served, under-served, or not served by high-speed Internet as defined by the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) minimum broadband standards of 25Mbps download speed and 3Mbps upload speed as defined in 2015. 

The survey results showed that more than 32% of Roanoke County households in the targeted areas were considered unserved or under-served by the FCC's minimum standards. 

 PDF 75px  >> Download the High-Speed Internet Survey Results (PDF)           

Broadband Initiative Map

Broadband Comments

PlComment Form Icon Opens in new windowease submit comments about your broadband experience to Roanoke County through the link to our online form.  >> Broadband Comment Form

You may also call Roanoke County's Department of Communications and Information Technology at (540) 777-8552.