Vehicle License Fee

Vehicle Decals Eliminated - Effective 2008

The requirement to display vehicle decals has been eliminated in the County of Roanoke and Town of Vinton. There is, however, an annual non-prorated, non-refundable Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF) that must be paid on every motor vehicle, trailer, and semi trailer titled in Virginia and taxed by Roanoke County or Town of Vinton.

A transfer of the fee is allowed for $1 when a vehicle is disposed of and replaced by another vehicle within a 60 day period. Application for the transfer of the fee should be made in the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office.

You are still required to register a newly purchased vehicle or a vehicle moved into the County within 60 days or Town of Vinton within 30 days to avoid a late filing penalty. This Vehicle License Fee has not changed the requirement of having to register your motor vehicles in Roanoke County or Town of Vinton. For more information on the Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF) fee, see the Vehicle License Fee page on the Roanoke County Treasurer's site.