Instant Book Club

Just Add Readers

Instant Book Club Just Add ReadersIf you belong to a book discussion group or would like to start one, you're invited to check out the Roanoke County Public Library's selection of Instant Book Club kits. They are an easy way for your Book Club to enjoy great discussions. Instant Book Club Kits are located at the South County Library, but may be requested from any branch.


Each kit contains a tote bag with:

  • 8 copies of one title
  • Author biography
  • Discussion questions
  • Reviews of the book
  • Summary of the story

Instant Book Club Policies

  • Instant Book Club kits may be checked out for eight weeks.
  • No more than two kits at a time may be checked out to an individual.
  • Instant Book club kits must be returned to the Circulation Desk; do not put kits in book drop boxes.
  • Overdue book discussion kits will be fined $1 a day. Kits that are returned incomplete will be fined $1 a day once the due date is reached until the missing part is returned.
  • Please check contents of the Instant Book Club kit against the content list included in the kit before you return the kit to the library. The person checking out the kit will be held responsible for the kit and its contents.
  • Replacement cost for the entire kit is $150. The replacement cost of individual parts of a kit will depend on the cost of each individual item.
  • There is no charge to check out an Instant Book Club kit.
  • Kits are checked out to one person. Members of the group should get their copies from that member of their group. You cannot check out a single copy of a book in a kit through the library.

Search for Book Club Kits

To search for Book Club Kits:

  1. Go to the online catalog
  2. Type Instant Book Club in the search field
  3. View Item Info to determine availability
  4. Or see the list of available Book Club Kits

Tips for Book Clubs

  • Start a group by calling a friend or two.
  • Choose members who are committed to reading the book and coming to meetings.
  • Ideal size is between 8 to 12 members. Decide how open to make the group and process for inviting new members.
  • Establish some rules for the group in terms of organization and book selection.
  • Appoint a secretary to keep track of books the group has read.
  • Send out reminders about book club meetings and host or snack schedules for refreshments.
  • Contact local book store or library about getting enough copies for the group.

How Your Book Group Can Help

You can help us build our Instant Book Club collection by donating copies of books your group has read. This will be a great way for your group to share both the books and the enjoyment of these items. Drop off copies of you books at any Roanoke County Public Library location. Be sure to mention that they are for the Instant Book Club kits.