The Initial Screening interview allows the Rehabilitation staff to obtain personal Information as well as employment and case information about the individual. They are asked about their criminal history as well as substance abuse and treatment history. The case information enables the Rehabilitation staff to determine eligibility for the program according to the Code Of Virginia §53.1-131.2.

If there are no statutory disqualifiers, the staff will conduct a background investigation to determine suitability for the Home Electronic Monitoring Program.

Appointment for Screening

Appointments to screen individuals for the Roanoke County Home Electronic Monitoring Program are made through the Rehabilitation staff during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is usually done after the individual has been sentenced to serve jail time.

Placing Offenders on the Program

A delayed reporting date of at least two weeks is generally sufficient to complete the screening process. It is the policy of the Roanoke County Sheriff's Office to place offenders on the Home Electronic Monitoring Program with the following sentence lengths:

  • No more than 12 months for a Misdemeanor or a total combined sentence of 24 months
  • No more than a two year sentence for a Felony, to include those with a total sentence of 24 months to serve on one or more Felony charges
  • An individual with up to 12 months of Misdemeanor time and 12 months or one year of Felony time MAY be placed on Home Electronic Monitoring
  • Under no circumstances can an applicant for the program have more than a total of two years of either Felony or Misdemeanor time to serve in order to be placed on Home Electronic Monitoring