Emergency Communications Center (ECC)

Communications Police Fire Rescue 911

At the Roanoke County Emergency Communication Center (ECC)

Communications Officers serve as first responders. They work in conjunction with fire and rescue, and law enforcement personnel of Roanoke County and the Town of Vinton to save lives, protect property, and stop crime.

911 & Non-Emergency Calls

The Roanoke County ECC currently employs 36 highly trained and dedicated Communications Officers who are split between four platoons. Using state of the art equipment and the latest computer software, the Roanoke County ECC handles 911 calls via traditional telephones as well as cell phones from citizens of and visitors to Roanoke County.

The ECC also handles non-emergency calls requesting assistance and information. The Communication Officers then dispatch the appropriate equipment and personnel to handle the emergency or citizen request.

ECC Recruitment

We are looking for new people to Answer the Call. Find out more about our application process from Communications Training Coordinator Paige DeSilvey in our recruitment video.

ECC Citizen Satisfaction Survey

If you’ve called the Emergency Communication Center’s dispatchers for assistance, we’d like your feedback on our performance. Please take a few moments to complete our short citizen survey.

Emergency Communications Center Job Flyer