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Feb 01

Reimagine 419 Transportation Meeting Recap

Posted on February 1, 2017 at 8:42 AM by Bailey Howard-DuBois

Community meeting

Last week, nearly 60 people attended the Transportation Community Meeting and commented on design scenarios for Route 419. Back at the Kick-off Meeting in September, we asked you about the study area's strengths and weaknesses. As a reminder, here's how transportation scored:

Number of transportation challenges: 5
  • Unsafe for pedestrians and bikers
  • Not able to walk/bike through corridor; no sidewalks and bike trails
  • Lack of public transportation options
  • Dangerous Intersections/Crossing
  • Too much congestion/traffic

This conclusion wasn't news to the planning team, but it did help to guide the study's proposals for the future design of Route 419 near Tanglewood.

Exhibits at the Meeting

Cross Sections
The following cross sections show how 419 could change from its current design ("A") to accommodate pedestrians and bikes alongside vehicles. Participants at the meeting used green dots to indicate their design preference.

Cross section 1

Cross section 2

Cross section 3

Cross section 4

Route 419 Concept Plan
This concept plan shows the potential layout for these cross sections, as well as a potential diverging diamond redesign of the Route 419/Route 220 interchange. Click the image to open a fully detailed map in another window.

Section 1: The Commons to Route 220 Interchange
Concept plan

Section 2: The Commons to Railroad Trestle
Concept plan

Walkshed Map
This map shows an improved pedestrian network that enables safe crossings at intersections spaced 900' - 1100' feet apart (about a 2.5-minute walk). A new crosswalk is proposed between Madison Square Plaza and Rancho Viejo.

Walkshed map

Check out the photo gallery to see more photos of the event.

The draft Reimagine 419 Town Center Plan will be available for review and comment in a month or so. A Community Meeting for the Plan Reveal will follow shortly thereafter in early March.

Visit the website to learn more.