What is a PIN?
PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. Your PIN is a four-digit number you must use with your EBT card. The PIN is how the computer matches the card to your account and you.

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1. When do I get my SNAP benefits?
2. How do I get my SNAP benefits, if I am approved?
3. What is a PIN?
4. What if I forget my PIN?
5. Where can I shop with my EBT Card?
6. What if I forget my card when I go to the grocery store?
7. What if I get an error message when I am trying to check out?
8. What if I lose or damage my EBT Card?
9. Will I be charged for a replacement EBT Card?
10. Will my PIN change if I receive a replacement card?
11. What if I don’t want to use all of my benefits in one month?
12. What if I have questions about my EBT card?