What legal action is Roanoke County involved in?

As Roanoke County is not a landowner it is not involved in any eminent domain cases. Several of our landowners are involved in ongoing litigation and we do follow that with general interest. The Board of Supervisors allowed the County to hire outside counsel to advise staff through this process. Roanoke County has submitted many filings to the FERC and challenged the FERC process whenever possible. When the FERC order was issued the County filed a notice of rehearing (the regulatory way to challenge a FERC filing). 

This enables the County to participate in certain legal actions, if requested by the Board. The County also filed as an intervener in the process and is a consulting party in the Section 106 process, but has challenged that Mountain Valley Pipeline Information (MVP) has not exercised all opportunities to consult with Roanoke County.

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7. What legal action is Roanoke County involved in?