Where can people demonstrate peacefully in Roanoke County?

Any publicly-owned park or government-owned property provided that freedom of movement, ingress or egress, or the ability by other persons to conduct business or other lawful activities are not interfered with:

  • Persons interested in using a County-owned park should coordinate with the County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism 540-387-6078 to avoid conflicts with groups who may have previously reserved areas of the park for sporting events, picnics, or other purposes;
    • Or along any public road provided that the demonstration does not impede or block the flow of traffic
    • Or on private property (with the owner's consent) and in public places. However, participants may not obstruct the free passage of others; you may not obstruct vehicular and pedestrian traffic in roads, in parking lots, driveways, etc. without first obtaining a parade permit from the Chief of Police

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2. Where can people demonstrate peacefully in Roanoke County?
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