How many items can I check out?

150 total items can be checked out at a time. There is a limit of 50 active holds at one time per card.

MaterialLoan PeriodItem LimitRenewal Limit
Adult Books28 DaysUnlimited2 times
Audiobooks28 DaysUnlimited2 times
Children’s Books28 DaysUnlimited2 times
DVDs/BluRays7 Days10 per card1 time
Hot Flicks4 Days2 per cardNo renewals
Hot Games7 Days1 per cardNo renewals
Hot Picks7 Days2 per cardNo renewals
New Books14 DaysUnlimited2 times
Paperbacks28 DaysUnlimited2 times
Music CDs7 Days10 per card1 time
Video Games7 Days1 per card1 time

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