Where is the Roanoke County / Salem jail located?
The jail is located at 401 East Main Street, in Salem, Virginia. From Interstate 81, take Exit 140 (Salem / Roanoke College), Thompson Memorial Boulevard to East Main Street. The jail / courthouse complex is located at the intersection of Thompson Memorial and East Main Street on the right side of the street. Additional parking can be found across Thompson Memorial Boulevard behind the convenience store.

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1. Where is the Roanoke County / Salem jail located?
2. How do I check to see if an inmate is in the Roanoke County/Salem Jail?
3. How can I transfer money to an inmate's account?
4. Can I make a phone call to someone being held at the Roanoke County / Salem Jail?
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6. Where is the Civil Department located?
7. Who do I call with questions or concerns regarding jury duty?
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9. Who can I contact to find out if I have an active warrant for my arrest?