What is the vehicle license fee?
At the time the decal fee was eliminated, the Board of Supervisors adopted a vehicle license fee (VLF). The VLF is approved by the State Code of Virginia, Section 46.2-752, and was adopted by the County of Roanoke pursuant to Article II, Section 12. The VLF is levied on every motor vehicle, trailer, and semitrailer garaged in the County of Roanoke.

This fee covers the administrative cost of maintaining personal property records. Roanoke County assesses personal property tax on all vehicles that are registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles and garaged in the County of Roanoke as of January 1 of each year. If your vehicle or trailer is assessed taxes for that year, then you are also levied the VLF. Unlike prorated personal property taxes, the VLF is a nonprorated and nonrefundable fee.

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1. What is the vehicle license fee?
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