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Hollins Library Meeting Room Rental

  1. Hollins Library Meeting Room Rental Form

    Rental spaces are available during the Library’s normal hours of operation. Groups will be given 30 minutes prior to their meeting, starting as early as 9:00am, to handle meeting setup including furniture layout. Rentals will not be booked past 30 minutes prior to closing. For example, if the library closes at 8pm, you may book your meeting to go no later than 7:30pm. Payment of the Meeting Room Usage Fee is due before the meeting begins. The library books up to six-months in advance.

  2. Group Type

  3. Clients must schedule their meetings to end at least 30 minutes before the Library closes. Groups will be given 30 minutes prior to their meeting to set up their space.

  4. We will contact you regarding room options and set-up options. You are responsible for setting up your room.

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  6. Thank you!

    Please allow 3-5 business days regarding your reservation.
    Filling out this form does not guarantee a reservation. Reservations are made based on availability and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Call the Hollins Library if you need a room reservation sooner or have questions about the rental process.

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