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Materials Suggestion Form

  1. Materials Suggestion Form
  2. Patron Request Form
    Now you can make a suggestion for the library collection through our website. Purchase decisions will be guided by the Library's Collection Development policy and availability of funds.
  3. Guidelines:

    - Patrons must have an active library card.

    - Patrons may have five requests open at a time.

    - You will receive an email with a decision.

    - Every recommendation will be considered, but the Library will be unable to purchase every suggested title.

    - It is not always possible to order titles that are more than two-years old unless there is an extenuating reason.

    - It is your responsibility to place your own holds on requested items.

    - The library is unable to respond to materials requests outside of this form.

  4. Have you checked the catalog, Overdrive/Libby, and cloudLibrary for the material you'd like to request?

    If no, check our website for your item. If you need assistance, call the Library.

  5. Have you considered an Interlibrary Loan request?
    There is a $2 fee for ILL items.
  6. Preferred Item Format(s):*
  7. Requests may only be for published materials. No future items are accepted.
  8. Thank you for contributing suggestions for the Roanoke County Public Library’s collection.
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