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1. How do I start doing business with Roanoke County?
2. How can I sign up to receive notifications about Roanoke County bid opportunities?
3. Where do I pick up surplus property that I have won at an auction?
4. Can formal bid or proposal documents be faxed?
5. Do bids and proposals need to be "clocked" in?
6. Where do I obtain bid tabulations and notices of award information?
7. How do I register as a payment vendor to receive payments for items or services?
8. What type of delivery arrangements does Roanoke County prefer?
9. How will the vendor be paid for goods or services?
10. How can I purchase surplus property being auctioned off by the County?
11. Where can I get information about Invitations for Bid (IFB) or Request for Proposals (RFPs)?
12. Where do I obtain a tax exemption certificate for Roanoke County?