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1. What is RoCo Alert?
2. How do I add my cell phone, VoIP phone, and email address to RoCo Alert?
3. Why do I need to register my phone number in RoCo Alert?
4. I have a landline phone, so should I register my cell phone, Voice over IP and email address in RoCo Alert?
5. If I have provided more than one phone number, which number will be used by RoCo Alert?
6. Will the RoCo Alert system call numbers outside of the local area code?
7. What precautions are taken to protect personal contact information stored in the RoCo Alert system?
8. Do I need an e-mail address to register?
9. Is there any charge for registering with RoCo Alert or receiving notifications?
10. How does RoCo Alert work?
11. What type of messages will be sent by RoCo Alert?
12. Will I receive “junk mail” messages?
13. How does the RoCo Alert respond to busy signals or no answer situations?
14. How do I unsubscribe from RoCo Alert?