Community Strategic Plan

Community Participat2016 Community Strategic Plan FRONT COVERion to Create the Strategic Plan

In 2016, Roanoke County residents were invited to participate in Roanoke County's first-ever community strategic planning process. The Community Strategic Plan engaged both community leaders and citizens to create a desired future for our community. A Community Strategic Plan 

  • Develops a consistent vision that reflects the core values of our community,
  • Builds consensus among the Board of Supervisors and citizens for the future strategic direction of Roanoke County,
  • Provides a framework for policies, operations, and service delivery decisions.

Leader & Citizen Participation

Creating the Community Strategic Plan was a process that required active participation from Roanoke County's community leaders and citizens. During the process, there were many opportunities for citizen input and public comment before the final plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors.

Adoption of the Community Strategic Plan - August 9, 2016

The Board of Supervisors approved a resolution to adopt the Community Strategic Plan.

On July 19, the Board of Supervisors held a work session to discuss recommended edits to the draft Community Strategic Plan. 

Download the Community Strategic Plan Presentation for the Board of Supervisors Work Session July 19, 2016 (PDF)

Community Strategic Plan Annual Reports

Download the original plan below, and click through the annual reports to see highlights of the significant projects and accomplishments that contributed to the realization of our goals set forth within the 2016 Community Strategic Plan. 

CSP Cover 2016

2016 Community Strategic Plan

The 2016 Community Strategic Plan is a five year plan that outlined key strategic initiatives to guide Roanoke County over the next five years and beyond. 

Download the 2016 Community Strategic Plan (PDF)

CSP Cover 2017

2017 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report

This report details progress toward broadband expansion, a new branding initiative, the 419 Town Center Plan, new developments at Explore Park, and redevelopments within the Town of Vinton. 

Download the 2017 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report (PDF)

CSP Cover 2018

2018 Community Strategic Plan

The 2018 Community Strategic Plan Annual report expands on new broadband services for Roanoke County, award-winning GIS application developments, a new announcement about Wood Haven Technology Park, and new announcements for community development plans for the Oak Grove and Hollins areas.

Download the 2018 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report (PDF)

CSP Cover 2019

2019 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report

The 2019 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report outlines new investments in transportation, the debut of Roanoke County's new website, the announcement of Carilion Children's facility at Tanglewood Mall, the redevelopment of the former Allstate building into Metis Plaza, and new announcements of technology initiatives to enhance Police and Fire & Rescue efforts.

Download the 2019 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report (PDF)

CSP Cover 2020

2020 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report

The 2020 Community Strategic Plan Annual report highlights the County's efforts to provide continuous services during the pandemic, a new mobile app to help citizens connect with Roanoke County, the opening of Mack Trucks, the beginning of new road improvements along Route 419 and Interstate 81, CARES Act grants, and an update on new facility and programs at Explore Park.

Download the 2020 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report (PDF)

CSP Cover 2021

2021 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report

The latest published update to the five-year plan envisioned in 2016 includes a recap of the initial community strategic plan process, new announcements for rural broadband expansion, the opening of Carilion Children's facility, new developments in the Oak Grove area, revitalization projects within the Town of Vinton, business expansions at Richfield Living and Cardinal Glass, the expansion of Amtrak to serve the valley along with more transportation updates and road improvements, and new staffing initiatives to strengthen public safety.

Download the 2021 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report (PDF)