Laurel Mountain Driver Training Center

Roanoke County is proud to offer daily leases for the Laurel Mountain Driver Training Center to outside law enforcement agencies.

The Laurel Mountain Driver Training Center is a Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) approved facility for training law enforcement officers in the proper and safe methods of handling vehicles in a variety of road conditions.

Originally built for use by Roanoke County, the 30-acre training center includes a paved roadway, skid pad, classroom, and garage for minor maintenance and repairs. The Laurel Mountain Driver Training Center is managed by the Roanoke County Police Department. The center is the only training facility of its kind west of Richmond and is conveniently located just off Interstate 81 at Exit 132 in western Roanoke County.

Features and Courses

Closed and Private One-Mile Course

Driving course

The one-mile paved mountainside course contains both straight and curved sections that allows drivers to practice steering and braking maneuvers at a variety of speeds. The curved and banked course simulates roads conditions officers commonly encounter while on patrol in southwest Virginia.

Skid Pad

Skid Pad

The 50 by 100 foot concrete skid pad also provides for valuable hands-on training. To enhance the skid experience, the surface of the pad has been treated to reduce traction. In addition, the surface can be wet down with an underground water sprinkler system. With these resources, students can quickly develop the skills needed to correct and overcome a controlled skid.



The classroom, capable of seating up to 25 persons, is approved by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). Audio visual equipment for classroom presentations is available upon request.

Multiple DCJS Approved Course Options

Other DCJS-approved courses that can be taught at the site include:

  • Cone Judgment – Light Bulb
  • Controlled Braking
  • Double Lane Change
  • Emergency Turnaround
  • Offset Alley
  • Parallel Parking
  • Reaction Course
  • Serpentine

These courses require little setup time and are easily established by following the existing painted layout.

On-site DCJS Certified Driving Instructor

A Roanoke County Police Department Driving Instructor (DCJS Certified) will serve on-site as a safety compliance officer and will be available to assist in supporting the training objectives.