Mixed Use

The Mixed Use designation recognizes the existing mixture of uses and zoning districts and provides for a mix of uses to preserved and developed. This future land use designation allows for more choice and/or opportunity in how the land can be [re]developed. A high degree of architectural and creative site design is encouraged to enhance the rural and historic character of the area as well as pedestrian and vehicular connectivity between properties.

Land Use Types

  • Community Activity Centers - Public and private facilities serving surrounding residents including parks, schools, community clubs and meeting areas connected to residential areas by sidewalks, bikeways and/or greenways;
  • Commercial - Planned small-scale or clustered commercial including specialty businesses, personal services and sit-down or family-style restaurants. Also included are small, highway-oriented retail establishments providing goods and services to passing motorists. Such facilities should be designed to complement the character of the community;
  • General Retail Shops and Personal Services - Planned shopping centers and clustered retail uses are encouraged. These centers should incorporate greenways, bike and pedestrian accommodations into their designs to link to surrounding development;
  • Limited Industrial - Low intensity industrial uses are encouraged. Such development should be clustered and should not have an adverse impact on air or water quality, the natural environment or scenic viewsheds;
  • Mixed Use - Developments that combine retail, service or other commercial uses with office and/or residential use in the same building or on the same site;
  • Office and Institutional - Planned office parks and independent facilities in park-like surroundings are encouraged. Such developments should be designed to enhance the rural and historic character of the area;
  • Parks and Outdoor Recreation/Ecotourism - Public and private recreation from small-scale community based facilities to regional attractions with greenway linkages and bike and pedestrian accommodations. Also encouraged are eco- and sustainable tourism businesses;
  • Residential - Townhouse, low density multi-family, single-family attached and two-family dwellings. Clustering and connectivity are encouraged.

Land Use Determinants

  • Access - Locations served by arterial street system.
  • Existing Land Use Pattern - Locations where commercial or industrial uses have been developed or will likely be developed.
  • Existing Zoning - Locations where commercial or industrial zoning exists.
  • Utility Availability - Locations where water and sewer service exist or can be provided.