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Digitize your old media—from photographs and film to vinyl records and audio cassettes— to preserve your history for future generations.

  • Epson V600 Scanner that can easily scan your old photographs, as well as 35mm and 120mm film and slides. 
  • Picscanner Mobile Phone Scanner to quickly convert film and slides into positive images right on your phone through the app. 
  • Emerson Video Cassette Recorder that can digitize VHS tapes to a .MP4 format as well as an adapter cassette for VHS-C tapes. So break out those old home videos!
  • Wolverine Movie Maker Pro to scan and digitize old Super8 or 8mm film to a .MP4 file with no audio. (You'll need a 32GB or less SD card to save your file).
  • Marantz USB Cassette Player Recorder to convert your audio cassette tapes to a .WAV file. 
  • ION Record Player to digitize your vinyl records into a .WAV file.
  • Floppy Disc Reader to get your files off of those old floppy discs. 

You can use the DigiLab for free with your library card! Make a reservation here.

Reservations are available up to four-hours a day per person and available to you up to eight hours a month.

Library staff will do a brief orientation of the space and its equipment, tools, supplies, and software. How-to guides are provided in the room. You must provide your own storage device or have access to cloud software.