Service Coordination

If your child meets eligibility for Children's Services Act (CSA) services, a service coordinator from one of the core agencies (Roanoke County Social Services, the School System, Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare or the 23rd Court Services Unit) will be assigned to help your child. Service coordinators will work closely with the family to assess needs and strengths, and are responsible for presenting the information to the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) and the Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT). Service coordinators are also responsible for maintaining the child's information for state reporting and local use. At the time of an initial referral to CSA, service coordinators meet with families to discuss needs and strengths utilizing the CANS assessment, and complete the FAPT Referral Packet. Information discussed during the interview with the family is used to create a FAPT Presentation, which communicates strengths and needs to the FAPT and the CPMT.

An Individual Family Service Plan, or Plan of Care, is developed during the FAPT meeting. Parents, the youth (when appropriate), the service coordinator and team members work together to identify strategies, resources and services to address the needs of the family.


Funding for services recommended by FAPT can come from many different sources including, but not limited to, private insurance, Medicaid, Mental Health Initiative funds, and CSA funds. If CSA funding is requested, the service coordinator submits a Funding Request to the CPMT who makes the decision whether to use CSA funds to pay for the service. Funding decisions made by CPMT are final and cannot be appealed.

When CSA funding is utilized to pay for services, parents are generally required to make a co-payment toward the cost of the services. For children receiving foster care services, a referral is made to the Division of Child Support Enforcement for parental payments. The only exceptions to the co-pay requirement are: services provided to the child by virtue of the Individualized Education Plan; families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); or qualifying services provided during the school day to special education students in the public school.

If CSA funds are used for services recommended as part of the Plan of Care, service coordinators will report on the progress of these services by submitting a Utilization Review to the CSA office. These reviews ensure that the strategies and services are meeting the needs identified in the Plan of Care.

For More Information

Please contact the CSA office at 540-283-8804 or email Grace McCown.