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Roanoke County Administration Center

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The Roanoke County Administration Center contains offices for the following departments

First Floor
  • Board of Supervisors Meeting Room
  • Commissioner of the Revenue
  • Treasurer

Second Floor
  • Community Development
  • Real Estate Valuation

Third Floor
  • Elections
  • Finance
    • Accounts Payable 
    • Payroll
    • Purchasing
    • Risk Management
  • Human Resources

Fourth Floor
  • Board of Supervisors/Clerk to the Board
  • County Administrator's Office
  • County Attorney
  • Economic Development
  • Management and Budget


  1. Commissioner of the Revenue Office

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  2. Community Development Office

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  3. Finance Office

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  4. Human Resources Office - Third Floor

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  5. Planning and Zoning Office - Second Floor

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  6. Purchasing Office

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  7. Real Estate Valuation Office - Second Floor

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  8. Roanoke County Administration Center - Board Room - First Floor

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  9. Roanoke County Administration Center - Training Room 438 - Fourth Floor

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  10. Treasurer's Office - First Floor

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