911 Education for Adults

Emergency Preparedness

Roanoke County Emergency Communications Center (ECC) offers a variety of resources to help citizens prepare for a natural disaster or other emergency in our community. Our emergency preparedness page provides seasonal information related to weather events. We encourage everyone in our community to maintain emergency supplies in their homes, vehicles, workplaces, and other frequently visited places. We also connect you to state and federal resources for additional information, including Ready Virginia and FEMA.

Public Safety Academy

Roanoke County ECC participates in the biannual Roanoke County Public Safety Academy. We provide an educational lecture about the job duties of a Communications Officer, as well as distributing recruitment materials. We also provide Academy attendees with a tour of our ECC. Occasionally, some of our employees will attend the Public Safety Academy to gain a more detailed appreciation for the specialized work performed by various units within the Roanoke County Police Department, Roanoke County Sheriff's Office, and Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Department.


We welcome citizens to participate in an interactive observation period within our A. An observer will gain a realistic view of our daily operations. An experienced Communications Officer will provide the observer with an overview of our telephone, radio, and other computer equipment. The observer will have an opportunity to listen to telephone calls and radio traffic for the various public safety agencies served by Roanoke County ECC.