911 Education

Evening Sessions by Request Roanoke County Emergency Communications Center (ECC) is dedicated to service community involvement. We strive to provide citizens, other residents, and visitors to our area with educational opportunities. We want our community to fully understand the emergency response process from dialing 911 to arrival of public safety personnel. We also want our community to know what critical, identifying information to provide a 911 operator for effective and efficient emergency services.

Education for Children & Teens

We offer educational opportunities for children through a variety of resources. Our website provides interactive resources for parents to start a conversation with their children about 911 and emergency preparedness. We also offer educational presentations for children with our Ferra Fox mascot in schools and at community events.

We recognize the critical role that information plays with this generation of teens. We work with the Roanoke County Police Department to provide social media safety education for teens. We also offer educational presentations and online resources geared toward teens, including future job opportunities and Next Generation 911 technology.

Education for Adults

We provide informational resources to adults in our service community. We work with the Roanoke County Police Department to offer a biannual Public Safety Academy. We offer presentations to adults on a variety of 911 topics, including emergency preparedness.