Access Roanoke County News instantly with the RoCo Mobile App's NewsFlash feature. Read more below about how to navigate NewsFlash and set your custom preferences to display only the news and categories you want to see.

News By Category

  • The News Flash icon lets you view all the news from Roanoke County's departments, organized in News Lists by categories.
  • The latest published news items appear at the top.
  • Use the < or  > buttons at the top to move to a new category and see the latest news and updates.
  • Swipe down to see more news in any category.
  • Select a News Item to see more details about that item.
  • Select the < RoCo Mobile button at top left to return to the app's home page.
News List

See More Details About Any News Item

  • Select a News Item to read more.
  • Links within the News Item lead to more information on Roanoke County's website, downloadable documents, or other resources.
  • You can Share any News Item by choosing the button at the top right.
  • You can Share by email, SMS text message, or to your favorite social media channels.
  • Select the < News Flash button at top left to navigate back to the News List.
News Item

Use Filters to See What's Most Important to You

  • Choose the Filter button at the top right on any News List category.
  • Use the Slider Controls to turn on or turn off selected categories.
  • You can re-set the categories at any time to display more or fewer categories.
  • When you are finished making your selections, press the X button to set your custom filter.

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