FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

Roanoke County's website hosts hundreds of answers to your most frequently asked questions. Questions and Answers are organized by category, and you can use the RoCo Mobile app's FAQ feature to quickly find the information you need. 

  • Select the FAQ icon to open the FAQ feature on the RoCo Mobile app.
  • You can search by Category using the drop-down menu and scroll to find the right category (e.g. "Animal Control").
  •   You can also enter optional text to find all FAQs that contain that text, such as "Dog."
FAQ Categories

Get the Answers You Need

  • The FAQ feature will display both the Question and the Answer from Roanoke County's website.
  • Select the results to see the complete answer. 
  • When finished select the < FAQ button at top left to return to the FAQ screen,
  • After you are finished, select the < RoCo Mobile button at top left to return to the RoCo Mobile home screen. 

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