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The Roanoke County Planning Commission reviews and makes recommendations on rezoning applications (PDF) to the Board of Supervisors at their monthly public hearing. The deadline for application submission is six weeks before the date of the public hearing.

Definition of Rezoning

A rezoning is the reclassification of a parcel of land from one zoning district to another zoning district. A rezoning is often requested when the applicant wishes to use a piece of property for a use that is not permitted in the current zoning district. An application for a rezoning can be initiated by the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission, or any other party with the written consent of the property owner.

Application Process

Virginia State Code requires that all rezoning applications proceed through a series of advertised public hearings with the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. Adjacent property owners are notified by mail of the date, time, and location of these public hearings.

A typical rezoning application takes approximately two months from submission of the application to the final decision of the Board of Supervisors. As of July 2017, a pre-application meeting is required.

Contact Us

For more information or to begin the rezoning or special use process, download a rezoning application (PDF) and contact the Planning and Zoning Division at 540-772-2065.