Juvenile Intervention Services

Program Information

The purpose of the Juvenile Intervention Services program is to prevent and reduce juvenile crime through partnerships with families, schools, communities, law enforcement and other agencies. Mentoring programs are designed to help youth achieve goals and objectives. The program offers Electronic Monitoring, Community Service/Restitution, Random Drug Screening, and Outreach Detention.

Admission Criteria

The program will accept male and females 12 to 18 years of age (special circumstances considered). The juvenile must not pose a threat of serious harm to the program staff and/or other participants. The juvenile must not have offenses listed in section 16.1-285.1 of the Juvenile Code.

Admission Procedure

The referring agency shall call the Juvenile Intervention Services Program Supervisor and/or her designee. If the participant meets the program criteria and there is space in the program, an admission will be scheduled the same day if possible.

Juveniles shall not be excluded from the program nor denied access to services on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation

Contact Us

Referrals to this program are made through the Court Service Unit or any referring agency. For questions regarding the Juvenile Intervention Services program, contact:
Tracey Buzzo, Program Supervisor
400 E Main Street
Salem, VA 24153
Phone: 540-283-3185, ext. 238
Fax: 540-387-6119
Email Tracey Buzzo

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