Juvenile Crimes Program

About the Program

The Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act (VJCCCA) provides for services to juveniles who are before the courts or receiving services through the Court Service Unit. Our Juvenile Intervention Services program provides a community-based program as an alternative to a detention facility or as a transition from one of these facilities back into society. The program is designed to provide services that will meet the youth's individual needs.


Youth are placed in this program by a referring agency or by order of the Juvenile Court, and placement is based upon the youth's behavior in the community. The duration of the youth's stay is based upon the individual needs of the youth.


The Court Service Unit is an agency of the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. Funds for these programs are provided by the Virginia General Assembly and distributed to each local government in the Commonwealth. Funds are allocated to localities based on juvenile crime rates.

Roanoke County develops a biennial plan addressing community needs by using input from the Juvenile Court, members of the Community Policy Management Team, and the County Administration.