Deed Information

The law requires tax map numbers to be included on all real estate documents.

The Circuit Court Clerk's Office of Roanoke County will require the use of the tax map reference number. This number may be obtained from the office of the Real Estate Assessor at 540-772-2035, ext. 0. These numbers are also available at Roanoke Counties GIS Maps Online website.

Recording of Deeds

The Clerk of Circuit Court is responsible for recording and indexing all:

  • All contracts in reference to real estate, which have been acknowledged as required by law
  • Authorized deeds
  • Certificates of satisfaction
  • Certified copies of final judgments or decrees of partition affecting the title of possession of real estate, any part of which is situated in the county or city in which it is sought to be recorded
  • Deeds of release
  • Grants
  • Homestead deeds
  • Leases of real estate
  • Notices of "lis pendens"
  • Partial satisfactions
  • Power of attorney to convey real estate
  • Quitclaim deeds
  • Releases of such deeds of trust
  • Transfers and deeds of trust
  • All other writings relating to or affecting real estate