Business Licenses

The Commissioner of the Revenue assesses Roanoke County Business Professional and Occupational License taxes on businesses operating in Roanoke County. The term "businesses" includes organizations, individuals as well as building contractors performing work in the County. The majority of the license taxes are levied on the basis of gross receipts. Annual licenses are valid for each calendar year and must be renewed by March 1st of each year.

New businesses must obtain a license within 30 days after the commencement of operations. Solicitors, Itinerant Merchants, and Peddlers must also obtain a license immediately and prominently display it. Finally, any delinquent taxes must be paid before a license can be issued.

The Business License Zoning Compliance Checklist must be completed as part of this Business License Application prior to approval. Please contact the Office of Planning and Zoning at 540-772-2068 if you have questions regarding their regulations.

Fictitious Name

If you plan to use a Fictitious Name, Trade Name or "doing business as... (D/B/A)" name for your business, you must register this name with the Virginia State Corporation Commission before making an application for Business License. The Virginia State Corporation Commission may also be reached by phone at 1-866-722-2551.

Out of Area Contractors

Applicants please include job location and project cost on the Business License Application form.

Required Forms/Information

Choose the following links to obtain the necessary information and forms to complete prior to coming to our office.


Available Methods of Payment

  • Pay by cash at the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office during regular business hours.
  • Pay by check in person, by mail, or at the drop box located outside the County Administrative Office, in the front parking lot.
  • Pay Online through Citizen Self Service 

Citizen Self Service and Convenience Fees 

This new service allows, in area and out-of-area, business owners to pay licensing fees online through Citizen Self Service. You will be able to search for your bill utilizing unique search criteria, which is convenient and allows your account information to remain private. Please note you will have to have a bill number to access account information. 

This method will include convenience fees. There will be a fee of 2.5% of the payment amount if made by credit card or MasterCard debit card. Payments made by VISA debit card will have a fixed convenience fee of $3.95 regardless of your payment amount.

Example - Credit Card or MasterCard Debit Card
Tax Bill         Convenience Fee Rate      Convenience Fee      Total Payment
$150             2.50%                                 $3.75                         $153.75

Example - VISA Debit Card
Tax Bill         Convenience Fee       Total Payment
$150             $3.95                          $153.95
$300             $3.95                          $303.95

Please note these fees are assessed and collected by Velocity Payment System and are not remitted to the County of Roanoke.


If there are delinquent Excise Taxes (meals, lodging, or admissions taxes) or BPOL Taxes on the account, the payment will apply to those arrearages before the current taxes are paid.

See the Tax Rates and Fee Schedule (PDF) for rates and license amounts.

Additional Information & Assistance

For more information, call 540-772-2050, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or email to reach the Business Ordinance Inspector Kimberly Weeks.