Appeal Process

Appealing Your Assessment

An important point to remember is that an assessment appeal is not a means to lodge a complaint about higher taxes. It is an opportunity for the taxpayer to review their property to ensure market value, accuracy and the equalization to other like properties.

Contacting your Appraiser

The Real Estate Valuation office maintains a full-time staff of appraisers who are happy to assist property owners with questions regarding their assessment anytime during the year. To contact the Real Estate Valuation office, call 540-772-2035 to speak with the appraiser assigned to your neighborhood or by email.

Informal Appeal

Reassessment notices are mailed to property owners in January of each year. If there is a question about the property value, the owner may schedule an appointment with the appraiser assigned to their neighborhood. This is considered an informal appeal and the list of available dates and times appear on the notice. Appointments may be scheduled by contacting the Real Estate Valuation office at 540-772-2035. Property owners can use the informal appeals to ensure correct information about their property. 

They also use the informal appeals to ask questions concerning the appraisal process. However, it is not required that an informal appeal precede a formal appeal. Appeal dates typically include one Saturday and one weekday evening for the convenience of our citizens.

Another option of contacting us during the Informal Hearings is to fill out our Informal Hearing Form and send it back to us. Please download the Informal Hearing Form (PDF) for this option.

Informal Hearing Dates

For Informal Hearing Dates please see the Calendar on the home page.

Formal Appeal

The Board of Equalizations (BOE) is a committee comprised of five citizens, one from each of the five magisterial districts. The purpose of the BOE is to provide property owners an opportunity for a formal hearing. The BOE will determine if the property in question is assessed at more than its fair market value or is not uniform with other properties.

Your appeal to the BOE must be in written form. Please download the BOE Application (PDF) to begin the appeal process. You may access the individual forms by visiting the document center. Information pertaining to your property should come from recent sales of similar properties or recent appraisals that show that show your property is not uniformily assessed as other properties within the defined neighborhood.

If you have any questions about documentation or dates, please email the BOE Liaison or call at 540-772-2035.

Hearing Dates

For BOE Hearing Dates please see the Calendar on the home page.

Appeals Authorization Form - Residential/Commercial

If a property owner designates an agent to represent them, it is required that the Appeals Authorization Form be completed by the property owner. This form must be notarized. You may access the authorization form in the document center.

If you have any questions, please email the BOE Liaison or call at 540-772-2035.

Circuit Court

If you do not agree with the decision rendered by the Board of Equalization, you may file suit in the Circuit Court. A judge will be appointed to hear the case and render a final decision about the appeal.

Board of Equalizations Members

The Board of Equalization is a committee of five Roanoke County citizens, one from each of the five magisterial districts. BOE Members are appointed by the Circuit Court of Roanoke County and serve for a term of one year, with the term ending December 31st of the calendar year.

View more information on the board’s page.