Treasurer’s Office


The Treasurer’s Office ensures the fiscal integrity of public funds and provides customer service for the billing and payment of the following:

  • Dog / cat licenses
  • Parking tickets
  • Personal property taxes
  • Real estate taxes

Tax Remittance Tips

Duties & Objectives

  • Additional Collections of Dog and Cat licenses, Parking Tickets, Department Invoices and Business Licenses.
  • Billing and collection of current real estate and personal property taxes - Real estate taxes consist of over 84,000 bills annually and are billed in two halves. Current personal property taxes consist of over 115,000 bills annually.
  • The Billing and collection of Delinquent Real Estate and Personal Property taxes. Delinquent billings are prepared and mailed 2 times a year.
  • Chief Investment Officer for the County of Roanoke, the Treasurer oversees the County Investment Policy striving for the highest and safest investment returns while maintaining compliance with the Security for Public Funds Investment Act of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Pursuit of all other delinquent debt owed to the County of Roanoke.
  • Reconciliation of all depository bank accounts for the County of Roanoke, other various departments, and external auditors.

Language Assistance / Asistencia Linguistica

*If English is not your primary language, the County will provide translation services.  This service is free and is provided for all programs, activities, and services offered by the County.  For help, please contact 540-772-2056.

*Si el ingles no es su idioma principal, el Condado proporcionara servicios de traduccion.  Este servicio es gratuito y se proporciona para todos los programas, actividades y servicios ofrecidos por el Condado.  Para obtener ayuda, pongase en contacto con 540-772-2056.