Restoration of Murray Run at Ogden Road

Murray Run was experiencing excessive erosion where it passes through Pebble Creek Apartment complex. In some areas there were near vertical banks approximately 8 feet in height. The erosion was threatening to wash out an adjacent sanitary sewer, and it was beginning to threaten one of the nearby apartment buildings. Under a unique agreement, as allowed by the Public Private Education Act (PPEA), the County and the private property owner, HHHunt Corporation, partnered to restore approximately 1,460 feet of stream using natural stream concepts.

The County agreed to obtain and administer a Stormwater Local Assistance Fund (SLAF) grant from Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to pay for 50% of the project cost and to be responsible for long term maintenance of the stream. HHHunt agreed to pay for the 50% local grant match to design and construct the restoration project and to perform routine maintenance activities.

HHHunt benefited from this project by transforming an eroding stream that was a liability into an amenity for its tenants. The County benefited by eliminating a source of excessive erosion and decreasing sediment and E coli discharge to Murray Run. It is anticipated that this project will decrease sediment discharge by 226.3 tons per year.

Project Summary

  • 1,460 linear feet of stream restored
  • 226.3 tons per year of sediment load reduction*
  • HHHunt Local Match $279,000
  • Project completed July 2016
  • SLAF Grant $279,000
  • Total Cost $558,000

Post-Construction: Naturally-restored shoreline, Murray Run at Ogden Road

Post-Construction: Naturally-restored shoreline, Murray Run at Ogden Road