Development Services

NOTICE - Department Director’s Important Message

On behalf of Roanoke County’s Department of Development Services, I hope that you are finding creative solutions to the new work patterns that are challenging all of us at this time. In response to the Corona Virus pandemic, Development Services has implemented a variety of strategies to assure the safety of its employees, including flexible hours and teleworking. As a result, we realize that there may be an occasional gap in our communications. In the event that you do not receive a prompt response from the person that you are attempting to contact, please feel free to reach out to any of the department staff listed below:  

Tarek Moneir - Director  540-772-2080                                                                    

Morgan Yates - Building Commissioner  540-772-7521        

Cindy Linkenhoker - Stormwater Program Manager  540-772-2036

Denise Sowder - Development Review Coordinator  540-772-2190

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult situation. And while it is not business as usual, we stand ready to assist you. -Tarek Moneir, Director


Development Services provides essential assistance to the residents and developers of Roanoke County to maintain the character and integrity of neighborhoods, to promote excellence of commercial and residential development, to prevent undue traffic hazards, and to encourage the most harmonious development and use of land.

Contact Us

For more information contact Tarek Moneir, Director of Development Services, at the number or email shown above and to the right, or visit the following pages for related information:

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