The Orchards and Other Drainage System Improvements

Drainage System Maintenance & Improvements

The County's Stormwater Operations Division of the Community Development Department was quite busy this past year, completing 63 drainage system maintenance and improvement projects. This work resulted in:

  • Cubic yards of sediment removed: 400
  • Feet of pipe installed: 1,686
  • Inter-departmental projects: 8
  • Number of Board-approved projects: 4
  • Number of emergency / high priority projects: 22
  • Number of routine/repetitive projects: 17
  • Number of small projects: 12
  • Total feet of open/riprap channel improved:864
  • Total properties improved: 95
  • Total square feet of restoration area: 121,059

A total of 16,562 labor hours were committed towards maintenance and improvements to the municipal storm sewer (drainage) system. The value of the improvements that were performed in-house was estimated to be $929,500; further, the County contracted out for $297,929 in additional drainage improvements, bringing the total investment in storm sewer (drainage) system maintenance and improvements to $1,227,429.

Striking channel improvements in The Orchards subdivision 

Striking channel improvements in The Orchards subdivision, constructed by Stormwater Operations Division, Department of Community Development.