Filing Information

Personal Property Tax Filing Information

If you own a boat, boat motor, water craft, mobile home,or business personal property, you will continue to receive a filing form which must be returned by February 1st, to avoid a late filing penalty. If you do not own one of the above vehicles, you will not receive an annual vehicle filing form in January. You are required to report immediately the purchasing, transferring, selling of vehicles or address change. If you do not report this information, your tax bills will be prepared from the information we currently have on your file.

Late Filing Penalty

Taxpayers are required to report vehicle transactions immediately, this includes the purchase, sale or transfer of a vehicle from another Virginia locality or from Out of State to avoid a 10% filing penalty

Registering Your Vehicles

For complete instructions on how to register your vehicle with the Commissioner of the Revenue, please see our How to File Your Personal Property page.