Eviction Procedures

Upon receipt of the Writ of Possession by the Sheriff's Office, the responsible Deputy Sheriff will immediately begin the eviction process of notifying the tenant of the pending eviction to be enforced on the 5th day after the day of notification to the tenant. The deputy will ensure that the ten day appeal period has elapsed before eviction.


All evictions will be subject to the following rules:

  • The deputy shall coordinate with the landlord to insure the landlord will be prepared to remove the tenant's property from the premises on the eviction date.
  • The landlord must furnish all labor with a minimum of four (4) people to do the eviction; locksmith, plumber, and a representative/landlord, if such be necessary. In the event the landlord does not make such preparations, the deputy may cancel the eviction which would require the landlord to repeat the entire legal procedure.
  • The Sheriff's Office cannot be held accountable for weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather, the eviction will be continued to the next predicted fair day and the tenant will be notified.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the deputy to communicate with the Plaintiff, landlord, or agent on the day before the scheduled eviction for the purpose of determining rain date continuances, determining any request for cancellation or change, and coordinating any other preparations for the eviction.
  • Evictions continued at the request of the Plaintiff will be re-scheduled one time only. After on such continuance, the Writ of Possession will be returned to the court without action and a new Writ of Possession will be required.