Alternate Disposal Options

Roanoke Valley Resource Authority Transfer Station (RVRA)

Roanoke County citizens are eligible for 12 free drop-offs a year at the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority Transfer Station. This program is designed for items that come from your principal residence in Roanoke County, and not contracted jobs.

Vehicles hauling trash must be no larger than 3/4-ton. Any trailers longer than 8 feet will be counted as two trips. If you have any questions as to whether or not your material and/or vehicle qualifies for this program, please call 540-857-5050.

For more information, please see the RVRA Residential Disposal Policy.

NOTICE Effective April 2, 2021: Changes to Tinker Creek Transfer Station Services
Effective Friday, April 2, 2021, and until further notice: The Tinker Creek Transfer Station located on Hollins Road will only accept residential customers; whole loads of tires, and whole loads of untreated wood waste. RVRA’s Household Hazardous Waste Program will continue to operate as-is. All commercial (other than untreated wood waste only & whole loads of tires) and municipal customers will be diverted to the Salem Transfer Station (STS).  

Restricted Items

The following items are not part of the Homeowner Disposal Program, but may be disposed of at the Transfer Station for a fee:

  • Any type of roofing material (shingles, tar paper, etc.), car parts, rail ties, and stumps or logs greater than 24 inches in diameter.
  • Asphalt, dirt, brick, rock, and concrete - less than 500 lbs. is free, greater than 500 lbs. is subject to a charge.

New Program Available at the Transfer Station

The Roanoke Valley Resource Authority Transfer Station  accepts the following materials from Roanoke Valley citizens (this does not apply to businesses) during normal operating hours:

  • Lead acid automobile batteries
  • Latex paint - up to 5 gallons
  • Used motor oil - up to 5 gallons
  • Used antifreeze - up to 5 gallons