Trash Collection

Curbside trash collection is provided each week to Roanoke County residents and many businesses. Bulk and brush is collected on a biweekly basis from residences. Streets are divided into either 'A' Week or 'B' Week. Please check our Find Your Collection Day page to determine your next bulk/brush collection week.

Important Notes

  • All trash placed in containers must be bagged and tied.
  • Small amounts of debris from homeowner generated small remodeling or repair work may be placed out for collection with bulk pickup. Please do not put these items in your garbage container as they may damage the automated garbage collection vehicles.
  • Please do not put hot ashes or charcoal in the automated container.
  • Tires: The County will pick up four 16" or smaller tires with the P (passenger) designation, without the rim. Please do not put tires in your garbage container.
  1. Brad Jordan

    Solid Waste Manager

  2. General Services

    Physical Address
    5235 Hollins Rd
    Roanoke, VA 24019

    Phone: 540-387-6200
    Fax: 540-561-2899


    Monday through Friday

    7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Personalized Service Program

Roanoke County Solid Waste provides physical assistance to households unable to bring their trash can to the curb for weekly collection.  Our personalized service program offers collection of bagged and tied household trash directly from a trash can located next to a residence.  This service does require a letter from a physician overseeing the care of the resident.  

Please call 540-387-6225 to speak with us about how this service could assist you, a family member, or friend.