Trash Collection for Streets Beginning with G

Listing of Streets in Roanoke County

To find your trash collection day or bulk collection week (either A Week or B Week), select the first letter of your street name. Search for the street you live on alphabetically.

Street Names A through M

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Street Names N Through Z

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If your street is not listed, please contact the Solid Waste Office at 540-387-6225.

Street Name
Pick-Up Day
A / B Week
Gabriels Mountain TrailWednesdayB Week
Gala DriveThursdayB Week
Gallatin StreetMondayA Week
Galloway CircleTuesdayA Week
Galloway DriveTuesdayA Week
Gardendale CircleThursdayB Week
Garland CircleThursdayA Week
Garman CircleWednesdayA Week
Garman DriveThursdayA Week
Garman RoadWednesdayA Week
Garner RoadTuesdayA Week
Garrett LaneThursdayA Week
Garst Cabin DriveMondayA Week
Garst Mill RoadMondayA Week
Garstview CircleMondayA Week
Garth DriveWednesdayA Week
Gaston DriveThursdayA Week
Gates CircleThursdayA Week
Gaugin CircleTuesdayB Week
Gavin CircleWednesdayA Week
Gaye LaneMondayA Week
Gaylord RoadMondayA Week
Gearheart RoadMondayB Week
Gene StreetWednesdayA Week
Geneva CircleThursdayA Week
Georgetown RoadMondayA Week
Getty LaneWednesdayA Week
Gieser RoadTuesdayA Week
Gil Haven DriveThursdayA Week
Girard DriveMondayA Week
Givens AvenueWednesdayA Week
Givens RoadWednesdayA Week
Givens Tyler RoadWednesdayA Week
Gladden RoadTuesdayA Week
Glade Creek RoadThursdayB Week
Glade Hill CircleThursdayB Week
Glen Haven DriveWednesdayB Week
Glen Heather CircleTuesdayA Week
Glen Heather DriveTuesdayA Week
Glen Meadow DriveTuesdayA Week
Glen Rock LaneMondayB Week
Glenbrook DriveTuesdayA Week
Glenmary DriveWednesdayA Week
Glenmont DriveMondayA Week
Glenvar Heights BoulevardWednesdayA Week
Gloucester CourtTuesdayB Week
Goff RoadThursdayA Week
Golden CircleThursdayB Week
Golden CourtThursdayB Week
Golden Eagle LaneTuesdayA Week
Golden Ivy DriveThursdayB Week
Golden Oak LaneThursdayA Week
Goodland AvenueThursdayA Week
Goodman RoadMondayB Week
Goodview AvenueMondayA Week
Goodwin AvenueWednesdayA Week
Gordon Brook DriveMondayB Week
Governor DriveWednesdayB Week
Graceland DriveMondayB Week
Gracie RoadWednesdayB Week
Grandin Road (3000 block even)MondayA Week
Grandin Road Extension (3400 - 4400 even)MondayA Week
Grandin Road Extension (5000 and up only)TuesdayA Week
Grape Holly LaneTuesdayB Week
Grape Tree LaneTuesdayB Week
Gravel Hill RoadWednesdayB Week
Great Glen DriveWednesdayA Week
Green Acres DriveWednesdayB Week
Green Hill DriveTuesdayA Week
Green Hollow DriveTuesdayB Week
Green Knoll LaneThursdayB Week
Green Meadow RoadTuesdayA Week
Green Ridge CircleWednesdayB Week
Green Ridge CourtWednesdayB Week
Green Ridge RoadWednesdayB Week
Green Tree LaneWednesdayB Week
Green Valley DriveMondayA Week
Greencliff RoadMondayA Week
Greenhouse RoadTuesdayB Week
Greenmont CourtThursdayB Week
Greenview RoadMondayA Week
Greenville PlaceThursdayA Week
Greenway DriveThursdayA Week
Greenway Landing PlaceThursdayB Week
Greenwich DriveThursdayA Week
Greggin DriveThursdayB Week
Grey Fox LaneWednesdayA Week
Greyholme LaneThursdayA Week
Grove LaneWednesdayB Week
Grover RoadWednesdayA Week
Grubb RoadTuesdayB Week
Gum Springs RoadWednesdayA Week
Gumwood DriveWednesdayA Week

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