Trash Collection for Streets Beginning with S

Listing of Streets in Roanoke County

To find your trash collection day or bulk collection week (either A Week or B Week), select the first letter of your street name. Search for the street you live on alphabetically.

Street Names A through M

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Street Names N Through Z

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If your street is not listed, please contact the Solid Waste Office at 540-387-6225.

Street Name
Pick-Up Day
A / B Week
Saddleridge CircleTuesdayB Week
Saddleridge LaneTuesdayB Week
Saddleridge RoadTuesdayB Week
Sagewood CircleWednesdayB Week
Salisbury DriveTuesdayB Week
Sallie LaneWednesdayA Week
Samantha CircleThursdayA Week
Sanderson DriveThursdayA Week
Sandhurst DriveTuesdayB Week
Sandlewood RoadMondayB Week
Sandpiper DriveMondayB Week
Sandyridge RoadWednesdayB Week
Santa Anita TerraceWednesdayB Week
Santa Fe TrailMondayB Week
Santee RoadThursdayA Week
Sassafras CircleThursdayB Week
Saul LaneMondayB Week
Sawgrass CourtWednesdayA Week
Sawmill Branch RoadWednesdayA Week
Scarlet Oak CourtWednesdayB Week
Scarlet Oak DriveWednesdayB Week
Scenery DriveWednesdayA Week
Scenic Hills DriveTuesdayB Week
Scotch Pine LaneWednesdayB Week
Scotford CourtTuesdayB Week
Scout CircleWednesdayA Week
Sedgefield RoadMondayA Week
Sedgewick DriveTuesdayB Week
Seneca DriveThursdayA Week
Sequoia DriveWednesdayB Week
Setter RoadThursdayB Week
Sha-Al RoadMondayB Week
Shadow Hollow LaneMondayB Week
Shadow LaneWednesdayB Week
Shadwell DriveThursdayA Week
Shady Acres DriveMondayB Week
Shady Side DriveTuesdayA Week
Sharmar RoadMondayA Week
Sharolyn DriveTuesdayA Week
Shaver RoadTuesdayB Week
Shawnee TrailWednesdayB Week
Sheila LaneTuesdayA Week
Shelby DriveTuesdayA Week
Sheldon DriveMondayA Week
Shellie LaneTuesdayB Week
Shelor AvenueWednesdayA Week
Shelor Farm LaneWednesdayA Week
Sherry RoadThursdayA Week
Sherwood RoadWednesdayB Week
Shingle Ridge RoadTuesdayB Week
Shirley RoadWednesdayA Week
Shorthorn DriveTuesdayA Week
Shrewsbury CourtTuesdayB Week
Sidetrack RoadThursdayB Week
Sierra DriveWednesdayB Week
Silver Fox RoadMondayB Week
Silver Leaf DriveWednesdayA Week
Simsmore AvenueMondayB Week
Singing Hills CircleMondayB Week
Singing Hills RoadMondayB Week
Sinker LaneWednesdayB Week
Sky Ridge RoadTuesdayB Week
Skycoe DriveWednesdayA Week
Skylark CircleMondayB Week
Skyview RoadWednesdayA Week
Sleepy Hollow DriveMondayB Week
Sleepy Hollow RoadWednesdayA Week
Slings Gap RoadTuesdayB Week
Slusser LaneThursdayA Week
Smoke Rise CourtMondayB Week
Smokey Ridge RoadTuesdayA Week
Snow Owl DriveTuesdayA Week
Snowberry CircleWednesdayB Week
Snowbird CircleTuesdayA Week
Snowgoose CircleTuesdayA Week
Soft DriveThursdayA Week
Solonevich RoadTuesdayB Week
Sorrel LaneTuesdayA Week
Sourwood StreetThursdayB Week
South Battery DriveThursdayA Week
South Bend DriveThursdayA Week
South DriveWednesdayB Week
South Gala DriveThursdayB Week
South Indian Grave RoadMondayB Week
South Mountain DriveMondayB Week
South Park CircleMondayA Week
South Roselawn RoadTuesdayB Week
South Village DriveMondayB Week
Southern Pines DriveMondayB Week
Southview DriveWednesdayA Week
Southwest River RoadWednesdayA Week
Southwick CircleMondayA Week
Southwoods DriveMondayA Week
Sparks RoadTuesdayB Week
Spencer DriveTuesdayA Week
Spicewood LaneWednesdayA Week
Spillway LaneTuesdayA Week
Split Oak RoadTuesdayB Week
Split Rail LaneTuesdayB Week
Spotswood DriveMondayB Week
Spradlin DriveMondayB Week
Spring Grove DriveThursdayB Week
Spring Meadow CourtTuesdayA Week
Spring Meadow DriveTuesdayA Week
Spring Run DriveTuesdayB Week
Springer RoadThursdayB Week
Springfield DriveThursdayB Week
Springlawn AvenueTuesdayA Week
Springmill RoadTuesdayA Week
Squires CourtTuesdayB Week
St Ives CourtTuesdayB Week
St James CircleMondayA Week
Stable RoadMondayB Week
Stacie DriveThursdayB Week
Stallion CircleTuesdayA Week
Stanford DriveWednesdayA Week
Stanley LaneWednesdayA Week
Stanley Farm RoadWednesdayA Week
Starkey LaneMondayB Week
Starkey RoadMondayB Week
Starlight LaneMondayB Week
Starmount AvenueThursdayA Week
Starter LaneWednesdayA Week
Staton DriveThursdayB Week
Stayman DriveThursdayB Week
Stearnes AvenueMondayB Week
Steele RoadMondayA Week
Steeplechase DriveTuesdayB Week
Sterling Place CircleThursdayB Week
Sterling RoadMondayB Week
Stewart View TerraceThursdayB Week
Stickley LaneTuesdayB Week
Still Branch RoadWednesdayB Week
Stokes DriveThursdayA Week
Stone Creek PathThursdayB Week
Stone House LaneThursdayA Week
Stone Manor DriveTuesdayB Week
Stone Mountain RoadTuesdayB Week
Stoneacres DriveThursdayB Week
Stonebridge CircleThursdayB Week
Stonebridge DriveThursdayB Week
Stonecreek WayThursdayA Week
Stonecroft CourtTuesdayB Week
Stonehenge SquareMondayB Week
Stoneledge DriveThursdayA Week
Stonelyn Cottage CourtWednesdayB Week
Stonemill DriveTuesdayA Week
Stoneskeep LaneWednesdayA Week
Stonewood DriveWednesdayA Week
Stoney Corner LaneThursdayA Week
Stoney Creek LaneWednesdayB Week
Stoney Point RoadTuesdayB Week
Stoney Ridge DriveThursdayB Week
Stoneybrook DriveTuesdayA Week
Stonington RoadThursdayA Week
Stratford WayTuesdayB Week
Strathmore LaneThursdayA Week
Strawberry LaneTuesdayB Week
Strawberry Mountain DriveTuesdayB Week
Stypes Branch RoadWednesdayA Week
Sudley RoadThursdayA Week
Sugar Camp Creek Road (bring bulk to main road)TuesdayB Week
Sugar Loaf DriveTuesdayA Week
Sugar Maple CourtWednesdayB Week
Sugar Ridge DriveTuesdayA Week
Sugar Rum Ridge RoadTuesdayB Week
Sugar Loaf Mountain RoadTuesdayA Week
Sulgrave RoadTuesdayB Week
Sullivan LaneThursdayB Week
Summer DriveWednesdayB Week
Summer View DriveThursdayA Week
Summerdean AvenueThursdayA Week
Summerfield DriveThursdayB Week
Summerset CircleMondayB Week
Summerset DriveMondayB Week
Summerville LaneThursdayA Week
Summit Ridge RoadThursdayB Week
Sumpter PlaceThursdayA Week
Sun Valley LaneMondayB Week
Sunberry CircleTuesdayB Week
Suncrest DriveMondayB Week
Sundance CircleThursdayA Week
Sundance RoadWednesdayA Week
Sunflower DriveThursdayB Week
Sunny Side DriveTuesdayA Week
Sunnybrook DriveThursdayA Week
Sunnycrest LaneTuesdayB Week
Sunnycrest LoopTuesdayB Week
Sunnycrest RoadTuesdayB Week
Sunnyvale RoadTuesdayB Week
Sunnyvale StreetMondayB Week
Surrey LaneThursdayB Week
Susquehanna RangeWednesdayA Week
Sutherland CircleWednesdayA Week
Swan DriveThursdayB Week
Sweet Bay CircleThursdayB Week
Sweet Cherry CourtWednesdayB Week
Sweet Pine Acres LaneTuesdayB Week
Sweetenberg LaneWednesdayB Week
Sweetfern DriveWednesdayB Week
Swimmer LaneWednesdayA Week
Sycamore DriveWednesdayB Week
Sylvanbrook RoadTuesdayB Week

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